Katie Doucette

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Katie Doucette, MSW
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Strategic. Supportive. Insightful.

Even the most seasoned and established organizations, as well as leaders, executives and professionals, must continually confront change, challenges and opportunities.

As an executive coach, Katie Doucette establishes a supportive, structured partnership with clients and helps them to navigate -- and excel in -- their ever-evolving professional landscape.

Clients may use their coaching sessions to brainstorm, strategize, develop insights, assess strengths; examine obstacles; explore opportunities; Katie villa create and implement action plans; or expand their leadership, management or communication skills.

With 30 years of professional experience in human motivation and behavior, Katie brings a strong neuropsychological perspective to her coaching, accessing current research on brain functioning to target practices that improve performance and optimize the talents of her clients.

In her forward-focused coaching sessions, Katie may help clients recognize and understand their emotional motivations and reactions. But the ultimate focus is on translating those insights into productive behaviors and skills in the service of higher performance.

Katie cowIn her coaching, Katie employs a variety of assessment and leadership development tools, including Emotional Intelligence. A former psychotherapist, she has a master’s degree from Syracuse University and holds a number of advanced certificates in short-term, high-impact interventions.

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Katie has been a consultant and coach for a wide variety of organizations, teams and individuals, including CEOs and senior leadership teams; manufacturing companies; family-owned businesses; non-profits seeking to build capacity; boards of directors; organizations and companies engaging in building their bench strength; succession planning; professionals, clinicians and technicians looking to expand their management/leadership skills; and individuals at career crossroads or transitions.

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"Emotional intelligence can be learned. Similar to an athlete or musician improving performance through practice and drills, clients can develop new skills to advance their careers -- and to increase their profits and professional satisfaction."

Katie's highest goal is to unlock the enormous potential that lies within all of us. Assisting others to discover, develop and expand their possibilities is Katie's life work.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Identify/clarify professional and organizational goals
  • Identify and address internal and external obstacles
  • Translate awareness into action plans
  • Develop new opportunities
  • Improve business culture
  • Supplement professional and technical skills with leadership, management, and communication skills
  • Tally the professional cost of negative emotions/ behaviors
  • Plot career trajectory
  • Improve performance and profitability
  • Increase professional satisfaction