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Relationship-based executive coaching is a core service of The Leading Element. Our relationships with individual clients resemble the intense, high-impact partnerships between seasoned, successful coaches and high-performance athletes. On both sides, the collaboration requires candor, authentic engagement, persistence, and a clear agenda. The investment is challenging, but the rewards are exponential. Our clients reach new professional heights -- and experience deeply meaningful personal growth.

Tackled individually, the steps we take are not revolutionary. What is unique is our level of engagement. At the Leading Element, we dig deeper and aim higher. We are as passionate as the clients we coach. Together we build and leverage strengths, safely and successfully navigate choppy waters, turn ideas into action plans – and visions into reality.

At The Leading Element, our impassioned approach to executive coaching is built on decades of front-line experience and scientific grounding in cognitive theory, Emotional Intelligence, organizational development, and neuropsychology – the science that supports our remarkable human capacity to continually grow and meet new challenges.

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collaborative action

When highly talented individuals collaborate, the impact can be astounding. More often, it is frustrating. At The Leading Element, we believe that efficient, effective teamwork is a learned skill. We excel at “teaming” – the art of blending, focusing, inspiring, and guiding high-performance teams.

We help clients identify and assemble talent, blend complementary strengths, develop a collective mindset, build cohesion, and achieve results. Our ultimate goal is a high-performing, self-managing team, created to meet the specific needs of your organization.

When it comes to results, The Leading Element is all business. Along the way, we have a reputation for keeping spirits high, having a good laugh, and making the journey as rewarding as reaching the goal.


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Organizational change is the quintessential team venture. It demands astute vision at the highest level – plus commitment and collaboration at every level. The Leading Element, with its signature energy and incisive grasp of strategy, excels at partnering with organizations seeking high-impact, systemic change.

The Leading Element expands the boundaries of conventional consulting by forging direct, dynamic relationships with organizational clients. Developing strategy is key – but only a starting point. Minus engagement and focused execution, strategy is an academic exercise.

With The Leading Element, the emphasis is on measurable outcomes. We help organizational clients get on track and stay on track until they reach their goals. From client to client, the goals vary widely. The Leading Edge may partner with organizational clients to:

  • explore and execute innovative solutions to market forces
  • clarify goals, create action plans, and help ignite passion and collaboration from all parties
  • evaluate and help reconfigure personnel to improve compatibility, cohesion, and performance
  • focus on long-range planning while managing day-to-day pressures
  • develop a collaborative “face-to-face” dynamic despite isolated operations (distributed organizations)
  • tailor best practices to unique organizational needs
  • build bench strength through internal coaching and leadership opportunities
  • clarify and solidify organizational identity
  • Whether the goal is to increase profit, improve service, embrace new markets, or develop a more positive, productive culture, The Leading Element will help generate change that elevates your organization and resonates with employees at all levels.

critical resources

The Internet's ever-expanding information bank is an endless source of insight – assuming you have unlimited time to find and filter it. The Leading Element’s Subscription Service continually monitors the Internet and other pertinent information streams to select recommended readings for our clients. Working with professional researchers – and client-specific, frequently updated parameters – we capture and forward relevant material from professional journals, websites, blogs, videos, and Twitter accounts. Our resources range from prestigious journals -- such as The Harvard Business Review and California Management Review – to emerging voices in niche markets.

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candid conversations

The Leading Element website includes secured spaces where client groups may continue or begin to discuss issues and ideas. Depending on client preference, these confidential discussions may or may not include facilitation by our coaches. Topics for discussion may be determined in advance or may organically emerge in the course of a conversation. Our "elephant-in-the-room" function allows critical yet sensitive issues to be anonymously presented and addressed within groups.