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Susan burgess, md ms

Susan Burgess has 27 years experience in consulting, training, curriculum development, business development, coaching, and teaching. She began her career as an educator and curriculum developer teaching and managing specialized learning centers in Southern California. She holds a masters degree in education.She later went on to work for ten years in marketing and advertising in the Pacific Northwest. She was on the executive team of several advertising agencies and was Vice President of Account Services for Evans Communications. She managed the teams responsible for accounts such as Eddie Bauer and the Sheraton Hotels Pacific Northwest Region. READ MORE ABOUT SUSAN...

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Michael D'Eredita, PhD, is an executive coach. His role is like that of a coach within an athletic arena: He helps you to perform at your highest level when it’s game-time. Winning in the competitive arena of sport requires one to optimally balance social, physical, technical and mental elements. Impact within a rapidly evolving marketplace is achieved by balancing business acumen, technical expertise and behavioral awareness of both yourself and your team.

Together, you will identify your goals, your pathway to success and start your journey. In time, you will reach a threshold that every leader and high performing unit must cross: the moment when words become a reality and you feel—in the pit of your stomach(s)—the magnitude of the challenge you have taken on. What is my why element? How does it align with this effort? Do I truly need to do this? Can I do this? Should I cross this threshold? READ MORE ABOUT MIKE...

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Strategic. Supportive. Insightful.

Even the most seasoned and established organizations, as well as leaders, executives and professionals, must continually confront change, challenges and opportunities.

As an executive coach, Katie Doucette establishes a supportive, structured partnership with clients and helps them to navigate -- and excel in -- their ever-evolving professional landscape.

Clients may use their coaching sessions to brainstorm, strategize, develop insights, assess strengths; examine obstacles; explore opportunities; create and implement action plans; or expand their leadership, management or communication skills. READ MORE ABOUT katie...